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#27 Ismael Pedraza

  • Syntymäaika:     28.11.1988
  • Pituus:               171 cm
  • Paino:                64 kg
  • Pelipaikka:         Middlefield, forward
  • Pelikengät:         Nike 
  • Edelliset seurat: 
    The Gap Soccer Club, Brisbane, Australia
    Ecopetrol futbol club, Bogota, Colombia
  • Hienoin hetki Potkussa? 
    The first moment when I went for a sauna party with the boys, watching the guys eating pizza all sweat, totally naked. Nice picture in my mind as a non fin guy :)
  • Suosikkipelaaja Potkussa ja miksi? 
    The 4 captains of the team, their leadership, passion, commitment and their intentions to have a competitive team without forgetting to have great time. Their aport is definitely essential to the life of the team and the daily improvement. Mikko, Paavo, Jaakko, Ronan.
  • Kuka dominoi potkun saunailtoja? 
    A conservative party animal is Joni Kivelä. Classy and sneaky player ;)